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Pictures disappeared

I used this app I purchased for a project for school. I saved it and when I tried to come back to edit it most of my picutres were blank! I also noticed some gliches when trying to move my pictures to collage that they would all they sudden show up blank. Very disappointing.

For $9.99 the app does not even let you add text!

The paid features are NOT worth the price! I regretted buying it the minute I realized I could not add text to any off the collages via this app. Aslo, these collages are low-res so you cannot use this app to create images you want to print.

Works really well for me.

I’m a professional photographer and this app is very convenient for layouts, composites, simple cards, etc. A nice compliment to Photoshop and other photo apps. Easy to use. Final image size can be taken from a preset or you can set your own dimensions, including the final dpi for print, screen, etc.

Picture Collage Maker

Love this app!! Easy to use, fun and the end result can be very professional! Wonderful. Look forward to more options/accessories.

So quick - so easy - so effective

Use this all the time for attention-grabbing photo collages and notices. Thank you, developers, for making my job easier.

Great App

This app is great. My only dissapointment is the lack of pet/animal related themes. I would think that pet related themes would be a stock item, or at least an add on option.

Much more than a collage maker app

This is a perfectly fine collage maker - it has all the bells and whistles you could expect starting with a bunch of templates that allow you to drag and drop images and be done with it or if you prefer to roll your own template or make it an existing template your own. They sell theme templates if all you want to do is drag and drop but you don't need them. You get a fully baked set of "generic" templates as well as interactive widgets, like masks that allow you to uniquely shape your images, clip art, textures, text objects and now in this new version the ability to add effects to your fonts. You save them as projects or export them as images, PDFs, or even directly into emails. What I like most about it is that you can also use it for much more: For example I often use it to make customized logos. I start out with a blank template. I specifiy the canvas size - say an odd size like 700x180 And then I add masks, effects, clipart etc. I don't even bother sometimes to look through folders, I just drag and drop images from anywhere in my mac. Very flexible and you don't need any instructions. This is a really useful tool for Macs that fills a need. It is a general purpose tool to combine, photos, text, textures and colors. Nicely done. If you have no experience, you can get going by clicking around templates and if you are more experienced you can really make it your own. Sadly a lot of image related apps in the Mac store are not worth the download time. This is not one of those. I totally recommend it. UPDATED Nov 2, 2013 - After using it for 6 months - this has become my go to app - I use in my photo albums, on my websites and in my store in Etsy. All around great app. I dont even use their templates or clip art since I add my own images but it is really handy having them there.

not good

When you drag pictures in they come with a default setting you can not change… useless. i bought the full version since it said you can save templates and thougth it would have more of the most basic preference features you would expect. It does not. Every time you pull a picture in it defaults to their setting for borders and drop shadow. Like I said before useless if you care to drop lots of pictures in, become so time consuming I might as well use a real picture editor. If I could give this a 0 rating I would considering I forked out $20 in hopes to make a simple layout quickly.

This is an amazing Application.

When I first used this app I thought that I would need to purchase the extra templates that were available. Then I looked at their video that they have on the splash screen when you start the application and decided to build my own collage. And vuala I had a really nice looking(IMHO) collage and had fun doing it. The other collage softwares that I tried were restrictive and frustrating, so I just gave up on them. I just wanted to say Thank You for making it easy to make a beautiful collage of our brand new baby girl. :) Get this app you won't regret it!


Seems like you need to buy more to really use it.

Love that this is so easy to use

I am horrible when it comes to any graphic app. This is so completely easy to use thank you for giving me a tool that allows me to be more creative. Can not wait to start making some great gifts.


What happen to the rest of the templates we used to have and from the new update during the holiday??? You took them out so you can make extra money by charging us for those templates we're suppose to have...UNACCEPTABLE!!! We paid about $20 for what...REALLY!!! If i have known you will do something like this, i wouldn't have wasted my $20 bucks!!!

Paying for the app and 5 dollars per set of templates is robbery

Decent app. Usable, but if you want some of the predesigned templates, they are roughly five dollars each. I have purchased a couple that might come in handy, but ehh, I think I will look to see if there are better apps that give more up front. Heck, they have a typo on the buttons in the store if you have purchased a set say "Resotre" instead of "Restore"… Pretty amazing they missed that in QC.

What happened??

I was using their free version and absolutely loved it. However, I updated their "Lite" version today and started crashing so I paid and upgraded(I thought it would solve the problem)...But still crashing!!! What is wrong with this??? I want the older version back or if not, I want money back!

please restore what was already given, and purchased, before

all of a sudden templates have been taken off and put up for sale in individual themed packages? I think you should just return the program as it was and if we, the customers, wish to buy more, it's up to us, not you. Thank you

Right to the point… Good App..

Out side of what everyone else has written. One major point to make that isn't advertized is that the Lite version of this only supports up to a certain resolution so printing on a large print was questinable.. The Full version does support upto 6000x6000 pixels or 30"x30" - the normal pixel to inch is 300 pixels to 1 inch when printing. So printing large prints woun't be an issue... Good Job.. thanks for the fast response to my Question.

Simply Great

Use it all over my website… Great way of telling a story in one simple image! Simple to use yet quite powerful! Recommended it to my friends! Keep up the good work! Love the new version with Christmas templates! Thank you!

Easy to use, very nice results.

If none of the many templates provided suits you, just drag your photos onto a blank form (draggng directly from Aperture works fine). In the collage, photos' borders are optional, and photos can be rotated, cropped, and resized. After messing unsuccessfully with Aperture's Light Table for half a day, I switched to PCM and was finished in under an hour.

Wish I had researched a little more

This app is okay, but I wished I had researched a little more. It is not worth the money. There are other apps that have more features and capabilities. For instance you cannot manipulate the photos except to move them around. I would have like to have rounded the corners etc. I found it not to be very user friendly.

This App was the biggest waste of money in my life and I once bought a pet rock.

This App was the biggest waste of money in my life and I once bought a pet rock. If you are considering purchasing this app thinking it’s any different then the lite version DONT DO IT. Ill admit the lite version is nice at first for its easy to use and the simplistic designs are nice. But when it comes down to it, you cant even create a real folded card let alone print the darn thing! This app does not allow you to be creative as it restricts you to only using the set scrap formulas. The Landscape and portrait options at the beginning may seem nice but if you want to print them you’ll only be upset with the outcome. Don’t end up like me: regretful and hateful.

Good App…. When it saves my projects.

I love all of the templates and the nuberous things that you can do with them. But I keep having issuses saving my projects. It would say that it is saved and then i go back in and everything is gone. I really hope this gets resolved… cause I didnt spend $20 for a defective app!!!

This App Rocks!

Not only do I have 3 Facepages and a blog but I am an author. I am able to create book covers with this! I have ebooks along with hard/paperback books and this app has assisted me in designing every one! Thanks for the great program and please come up with some cool updates! Also, thanks for the capability to add other fonts.

Just purchsed it…and not too thrilled.

This app is in need of an update in the worst way. 1.) There needs to be an option for sizing your pic to fit the collage cut out. 2.) There needs to be a better selection of holiday/special occasion greeting cards, photo layouts etc. -----> It is severely lacking. 3.) There needs to be a greater selection of backgrounds/frames etc in order to compete with the other apps that are much more economically feasible. 4.) There needs to be a drop down for sizing your actual collage size (ie... 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 12 x 16, 16 x 20. poster size) THIS APP COST WAY TOO MUCH FOR WHAT IT EMCOMPASSES.

Picture Collage Maker

I really like this program…and variety of layouts…BUT when I print out a completed project pictures are not sharp and clear…

I love it

love this app is GREAT i give it 5 star love it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Great App but expensive and needs updating

Pros -Beautiful and uniquely designed templates. -Very easy to put in photos and type in text. -Fun picture frames and cliparts are great, although they are directly taken off other templates. -Relatively easy and intuitive to convert to printable file that you can develop at a local CVS or Walgreens photoshop. -This would have been a 4 star app, but it is priced way too expensive (see cons section). Cons -TOO EXPENSIVE! This is a wonderful app, but in my mind worth $5-$10 at MOST. There are too many apps there that do more for less. -Most of the templates come with a theme (such as father's day or graduation). There's a limited selection of GOOD LOOKING templates that can be used for any occasion. Most non-themed templates are bland and boring with just frames to put pictures and nothing else. -Updates please with more themes!

I love this app

Full version for Mac. The app is very easy to use. The one thing I like is that you can choose the size of the back ground not only in pixels, but in mm too. (Nice if you just want to make for example a CD case cover) Background: Choose a pre-designed background or any colour of your choice. A large variety of frames and masks are also given. Photo borders can be in any colour and width. Photos can be placed and then turned at angles, brought forward or backwards. Photos can be resized or cropped. Photos can be made transparent Collages can be exported to email, facebook etc in all kinds of formats. I really love this app. The only thing I would like to have extra (it might be there and I have not yet discovered it)would be to see the measurements on the area on the screen, which will enable me to for example see where the centre of the page is. All and all I find this app worth every cent I paid for it.

Very Nice App!

I used this app for my photo collage and it turned out very good. My photo looks very beautiful and very nice. I love this app ; ) Anyway, I need more layout and more greeting card ^^


Does not create folding greeting cards - only post cards. I would like my money back.

Its Great

Even though there isnt much to choose from right now, this is easy to use and creates really great pictures, i made fathers day pictures and my mom got jealous i made her a special one. pretty awesome i wouldnt say its worth the money but i am happy i bought it

I'm Bugged!

Lots more things to do over lite version but very buggy on my I MAC and crashed 3x on the first project I was working on…. Text wouldn't open over clip art… Wish I would not have paid the 20 dollars to upgrade from lite.

Poor output when printed.

I really like this app but all my pictures are fuzzy and pixelated when printed even on the highest setting. and the app does not remember preference settings or window placement, also seems a bit buggy but it could be a great app with a little more work.

Needs some work

Not as intuitive as other programs I've used. When you insert text you should be able to start typing immediately without having to click on the format menu. You should be able to wrap text around pics. I just downloaded today and it has crashed six times in the last hour so make sure to save your work frequently. I upgraded after trying Picture Collage Lite and I wish I had saved my money.

Nice output, but missing some basic features

Not bad for a version 1. Easy to use and produces nice results. There are, however, some VERY basic functions/usability features missing that if addressed would greatly enhance the product and significantly increase my rating. 1. Ability to Duplicate or Copy/Paste objects so you can create more objects easily that have the exact same properties as one you have already customized or copy objects from one project to another. 2. The ability to access photos that are in iPhoto without exporting them from iPhoto first 3. The ability to print output directly from the application (currently, you have to export to a file and then print that file with Preview or some other app) 4. Usability would be increased if could get into "crop mode" without having to choose icon or menu… Perhaps double clicking on object or right-clicking on object and choosing from popup. If just these basic features were added, I would rate this as "great".

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